100 Things I’ve Learned

As I go, I’ll post the thing I’ve learned most about myself from my date.  There’s always room for improvement!

1)  I am more into physical attractiveness than I originally thought.  This isn’t limited to Tall, dark, and handsome… I just may have a male tit fetish.

2) I can’t be the teacher.  I’m not looking for a student.

3) Kissing on the first date is acceptable when you’re number 3.

4)  I’m addicted to my blackberry and I need to find a way to shut it off.

5)  I’m too nice.  I need to get the hell out of dodge the second I know it’s not going to work and not try to justify it and try to “rationalize” it into working.  I used the dreaded, “I’ll call you” line .  SMH.

6)  I like when guys assert their dominance.

7)  I don’t like guys who don’t work.  Work as in job or work as in functional representations of the male species.

8)  I believe our children are our future.  I just won’t be teaching them well and letting them lead the way…. Or dating anyone that does for that matter.

9)  I should never drink on a first date.  I talk too much!

10)  There is a such thing as too smart and unless you have a sense of humor too, I can’t deal with that.

11)  I’m over Ivy Leaguers, especially ones that quote books and try to pump you for information like a pop quiz that your folks give you after school.

12)  I don’t know if I love movies as much as I thought I did.  I need to avoid movie conversations with anyone in a graphic super hero tee.

13)  I’m a sucker for a handsome smile.

14)  I will inconvenience myself rather than hurt someone’s feelings.

15)  If a guy says to me, “What ever you want” and means it.  I am like putty in his hands.

16) When I like a guy, I want him to break the touch barrier…. Not in a #1 kinda way, but a casual pat on the shoulder lets me know where I stand

17)  No matter how I try to fight it, musicians make my knees weak.

18)  I definitely think men should be about it and not talk about it.

19)  I should never get more interested in the potential of a man based on his online profile.  Didn’t I learn this from the first 18?

20)  Bah humbug!  I am officially not a fan of elves.

21)  I may be just a silly girl that is into bad boys.

22)  I definitely need a guy with cultural similarities.

23)  I need to stick up for myself more.  I want my change!  The next time I over pay, I’m leaving some words.

24)  I admit, I’m paranoid.  But when I don’t want to go out with a guy, I should go with that gut instict.  I have enough friends, I’m looking for someone to be more than that.

25)  I’ve been taught to give and forget and take without forgetting… but obviously some people make me forget that lesson.

26)   Coupons and groupons are cool, sharing is sweet, cheating to save a buck is suspect, and trying to split a small soda is pricelessly funny and insulting… I think the most insulting thing a guy can do is offer to split a SMALL child’s sized soda of the flavor I didn’t ask for.

27)  I don’t like discussing work when I’m on a date and definitely don’t like to hear someone talk about their work for more than 10 minutes.

28)  I believe my best years are in front of me and I want to be with someone who at least feels that their present and future are bright as well.

29)  I should be flattered if a guy gets an instant boner, but something about it makes me feel dirty.

30)   I like guys with a big sense of humor.  Make me laugh within the first two minutes and I’m all yours.

31)  I think I’m allergic to compliments…. Or maybe I’m just tired of them when they’re insincere.

32)  *Still wiping my hand*  I am really bad at this.  I think for my next few dates, I’m going to let my friends decide who I’ll go out with.

33)  I’ve always liked older guys… from a far, but up close, it’s too much like dating  a Ken doll, I mean, my dad  *shudder*

34)   I assume that if a guy is interested in me that he’s not married.  I definitely need to make this a primary question even if the first language isn’t English AND do some major investigating before I put my guard down.

35) I over analyze in moments where I should just go with it?

36) I want to be romantic and jet off to a foreign land to fall in love, but I definitely need him to speak English.

37)  When you try to be a good friend, but it isn’t reciprocated, you should go after what you want… I’ll never know what could have been because I backed off.

38)  No matter what, I believe everyone should at the very least do their jobs.  And when a guy admits to stealing from his… immediate turn off.   I just don’t fancy any kind of criminal. Ever since I saw an episode of Oz, I just couldn’t see myself being strong enough to love a man after a stint.

39)  It freaks me out when a guy does too much research on a girl before dating her.


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