Date #3 AKA 3 Times the Charm?

#3’s STATS

Age:  32

Height:  6’0 (finally!)

Ethnicity: Indian

Job:  Finance

Kids: None                Wants:  Yes

Drinks: Yes

Smokes: No

Single for:  1 year


Totally saw his profile online and thought, ABSOLUTELY.  I know I’m not supposed to be shallow and look at the profile pic and make a decision, but he was super cute and we had things in common so it wasn’t like I was being superficial (Right?!). We exchanged notes back and forth and it was as if he was perfect.  Hmmm.  I’ve got my one eye open with him. 

He asked me out pretty quickly and unfortunately I already had plans, but I guess if we did go out last weekend, I would have never started this blog. 😉  We text back and forth during the week with small talk.  So by the time our night rolled around, I was eager to actually put a face to the words and hopefully a smile. 


We parked and arrived at the restaurant around the same time.  I saw him almost walk past the place he picked.  He greeted me with a half hug.  I was worried because I thought he might be disappointed in my height or if I had something on my face because he looked spooked.  Overall, he looked better in the flesh and was extremely handsome.  His build perfect (medium and muscular), smile perfect, eyes perfect!  Generally I’m into wierd noses, but I really loved his cute nose. It was perfect.   He was wearing a hat and a polo with jeans.  He looked good in a hat, I like hats, but it would have been nice to see him without it. 


I wasn’t as nervous as I expected myself to be.  I guess the other 2 dates warmed me up.  The physical attraction was there now all I had to do was not stumble across my words.  We talked for a while and I felt a little bad because I didn’t really come up with anything to initiate a conversation because the nervous bug attacked my tongue and brain but he was able to keep it going.  I knew I wasn’t doing too bad when about 3 questions in he asked if I was doing anything afterwards.  I jokingly told him that I had another date next door.  He laughed.  At least he gets my humor. 

I followed a friend’s advice and when the check came, I didn’t offer to pay.  A friend told me that when a girl does this it’s a signal that she wants to be friends so I didn’t reach for my wallet.  Well, I started to but stopped. 

We then went to a bar, had a drink and played pool and then he totally stole a kiss.  Sooner than I thought, but well received despite my brain telling me don’t, the chemistry was saying yes and it actually feeling natural.  Hopefully this is something I don’t regret later.  Oh who am I kidding.  It was nice and worth it. 

I tried to get him to dance but he told me that he wouldn’t embarrass himself on the first date and that he’s not a big dancer.  Sigh.  We were having a good time and I enjoyed his company so I guess I’ll let this one slide. 


A never ending battle to get his hat off his head.  Me giving a lot of lap dances at clubs trying to get him out of the chair to dance with me.  Typical date night activities and lots of make out sessions.   


He’s very attractive.  He’s funny and a smart ass.  He’s competitive and family and friend oriented.  Not afraid of PDA. When a couple girls were swarming around like voltures he ignored them and focused on me and the pool game. 


I might have to fight him to get the chance to see his hair.   He probably won’t dance with me EVER.  And I will have to battle my hormones to actually get to know him as much as I want to. 


I’m ok kissing on a first date when the guy is like #3


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