Date #4 – The Counselor


Age: 28

Height:  6’1

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Job:  Counselor

Kids: None                Wants:  Yes

Drinks: No

Smokes: No

Single for:  ??


We got off to a quick start chatting and then he disappeared.  He was attractive in his pictures but I was a bit apprehensive about his beard and mustache.  I’m not against beards and mustaches, just when they are lined thinly or too bushy I get scared.  I hate getting red faced after kissing someone whose facial hair will cut into my face or when their facial hair will make me stare uncomfortably at their face wondering who committed this travesty to such a handsome canvas.  Ok, enough with the beards…

Very bluntly he told me he’s not a writing guy and I get that.  I like writing to guys on the site, but some guys just don’t have it in them.  So we made a date to meet for coffee. And I’m sure as a professional counselor  he just wanted to analyze me first to make sure I wasn’t a nutzo.  By the time we booked our coffee date, I was over the long dates and the akwardness the first 2 had caused. 


I walked into the coffee shop and he was standing there all tall and handsome waiting for me.  I don’t know why, but the second I opened the door, I knew it was him.  We greeted with a hug as if we’d known each other and I knew he was pleasantly surprised to see that I looked like my pictures.  That’s a good thing considering the long night I had before.  He smiled genuinely and it made me feel welcomed.  And the beard… was ok. 


We sat down and talked a little.  It was easy with him and I can see why he’s good at what he does.  We cracked jokes back and forth a little and talked about what we liked and I was pleased to find out that he’s not a drinker and doesn’t really like unecessarily loud places which was a great comfort to find another person who could just chill and do things that are typical or aren’t and be comfortable without all the chaos. 

Unfortunately our meeting got interrupted abruptly with a work responsibility I had, but I guess this is good.  It was the perfect set up for a second date.  In a counselor like fashion, he asked me, “What do you think?” And I managing to make every situation awkward and difficult responded looking at my drink, “it’s ok.”  I guess I’m a jerk and wanted to hear him ask me out a second time.  He responded, “No.  About us going out.”  To which I said yes. 

Hopefully he doesn’t over analyze that and think it’s a lack of interest.  We shall see…


Lots of outdoor activities and conversations about any and everything.  Cooking together as a past time.  Talking every single potential problem out.  A perpetual argument about me rationalizing everything to the point where it isn’t rational so we argue about my inability to rationalize coherently…. My head hurts.  Shut up and kiss me! And to that, he responds, No, not until we talk it out. 


He’s very attractive, funny, smart,  able to laugh at himself, and very genuine.   


Younger than me shouldn’t be an issue because he seems to be mature, but I’m kinda shakey on this one. 


I’m addicted to my blackberry and I need to find a way to shut it off.     


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