Date #6 AKA Young Spielberg

#6’s Stats

Age: 32

Height: 5’10

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Job: Entertainment

Kids: None                Wants: Yes

Drinks: Yes

Smokes: Occasionally (yuck!)

Single for: ??


He initiated contact and seemed like a cool guy.  Handsome yet awkward.  I knew he was going to be super slim which I dreaded.  Noassatall may be fine with most girls, but concave just isn’t desireable for me.  Plus, I can’t pass on a gene like that to my children, it would be very irresponsible…

We chatted for a while online and exchanged  notes back and forth about movies about living in LA, about loathing LA, and about loving it.  He was out of town working on a film but when he got back, we quickly made plans for a bowling date. 


I was rushing from work and didn’t get a chance to put on my make-up.  As I sat in the car about to apply my lipstick, he walked up and said hello.  Crap! Oh well whatever, it’s bowling and he’s already seen me now.  He was a bit older looking than his profile photo’s which worked in his favor.  He had the sex appeal that 30 and 40 year olds have for younger women.  The graying stubble and the chisled face.  His eyes were gorgeous and stood out from behind the frames on his face.  Tshirt and jeans, nothing too impressive but what can I say, it’s bowling and I didn’t have on a face. 


We had exchanged so much shit talking back and forth about what this bowling game was going to be that when we walked up to the counter he immediately paid for 3 games.  The bowling alley was not anything fancy and I had this constant threat looming above my head that my purse was going to get stolen or the gang banger in the next lane was going to gang bang me if given the opportunity.  *Creepy!*  (I stepped up to bowl and this guy walked directly right up next to me as if he knew me – Not very comfortable). 

Anyway, he was kinda quiet, but a lot of times, I appreciate quiet.  I like just having company sometimes and seeing as how I was winning this game his company was nothing but appreciated.  My winning streak didn’t last too long.  I’m kinda glad about that.  How attractive would he have been to me if he would have lost all 3 games?  

After bowling, it was time for a laugh.  We went to a comedy improv show and where  I volunteered to go on stage so I guess it must have left a positive impression because he leaned forward in his seat to watch me.  When we left the show, he grabbed my hand and we ran across the street.  In grabbing my hand he told me that he was taking the lead and definitely not interested in being friends. 


We’d be friends for a long while.  I’d probably try to pawn him off on an amazing girl that I knew who wasn’t into assess but he’d be very much about me (gotta love my ego!).  I after dating 94 more guys and waiting for Mr. Right to show up on my doorstep would eventually see that he’s the catch of the century.  Then, we’d get married and I’d be the bread winner supporting his dream until I got knocked up and then he’d go do a job he hated somewhere because that’s the kind of guy he is.   Coming home smelling like cigarettes because he’s now a chain smoker who’s secretly resentful… and I would cry at night because my children suffer from noassatall.   


He’s funny, smart,  creative.  Gorgeous eyes!  We have similar reasons for doing what we do in life. 


He doesn’t have a steady job.  I would have to take the back burner for who knows how long. 


I like when guys assert their dominance. 


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