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I AM SINGLE! I’m 30 years old, very attractive (all natural), fit, living in LA and… well, that explains it.  Trying to meet an attractive, funny, smart, and eligible bachelor ready to settle down in LA is like trying to find an unattractive gay man.  I must be fair and state that sometimes it just doesn’t work out.  There’s no magic, no click. BUT the few guys I have dated in LA have been boring and without opinion, unmotivated and/or passive, and/or unsure of their sexuality.  They don’t know what they want even more so than women and that is very unattractive to me.

This doesn’t seem to exist in LA.  I’m over the struggling actor that waits on more than tables – the guy that is waiting for someone to say he looks good and should be in a movie.  I’m over the career intern – the guy that has no motivation to get promoted or move away from his job because he sees so many celebrities.  I’m over the guy who asks, “So what’s your schedule looking like this weekend?” And, “I don’t know, what do you want to do?”  Where are the guys that step up and say, “Are you free Saturday night?  I was thinking we could go to…”  And I’m definitely over the I kiss my guy friends more than you.

I AM LOOKING for a guy that is funny, smart, attractive, employed, romantic, faithful, and into knocking the boots on a regular .  I prefer him to be over 5’9 and have hair on his chest (figuratively and literally).  I appreciate all men in various colors and shapes.  I don’t mind fetching his beer and cooking his dinner or a slap on the ass as long as he brings home the bacon.  I want a friend and lover.  A man who takes care of home.  A man who will always take time to cater to me as I simply want to cater to him.

I AM TAKING MATTERS IN MY OWN HANDS.  I signed up for a dating site about 2 weeks ago after hearing a 50 something woman on a flight brag about how she was flying to LA to have great sex with a 30 something year old man that she met online.  No, I’m not looking for great sex.  Well, I am but with someone I love….  What caught my ear wasn’t just the great sex (even though after falling asleep for an hour or two I woke up and she was talking about it again), it was the fact that the person she was telling the story to was very supportive of this idea.  The woman in her 70’s listened, shared positive stories and was even excited to get the chance to see him once we landed.  The other thing that caught my ear was that the 50 something year old woman said that the guys she meets online were dissatisfied with the women their age.  She said that women in their 20’s and 30’s don’t know what they want and aren’t ready to settle down.  WHAT?  Where are these men?


So, I signed up for a dating site and am waiting to find my 30 to 40 something year old in LA that is attractive, smart, funny and all the other good things… Since then, I’ve been on 2 dates and my goal is to go on a 100. I’m blogging about it and maybe 1 of these 100 men will be my Mr. Right.  If not, I’ve met a 100 interesting and eligible men and have 100 interesting stories to tell… or at the very least, 100 free meals.

DISCLAIMERThe names have been changed.  Locations and all particulars of the dates are not disclosed in the interest to protect the guy that just didn’t work for me.  I am not a relationship nor dating expert.


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